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Inmarsat Orchestra — Connectivity in Harmony

By Staff Writer | August 20, 2021

Inmarsat ORCHESTRA will be the first of its kind. A unique, global, multi-dimensional, dynamic mesh network that will redefine connectivity at scale with the highest capacity for mobility worldwide and at hot spots, as well as the fastest average speeds and the lowest average latency of any network, planned or in existence.

In the largest ever transformation of Inmarsat’s market-leading services, ORCHESTRA will be a seamless configuration of our L-band and Global Xpress (GX) networks with terrestrial 5G, targeted low earth orbit (LEO) capacity, and dynamic mesh technologies, to create a single advanced solution for global mobility.

This revolutionary layered approach is designed to meet the accelerating bandwidth requirements of more diverse, demanding and ever more widely adopted applications in the commercial and government mobility markets. By drawing on the unique capabilities of each component, it will deliver high performance connectivity everywhere, while eliminating the longstanding industry-wide challenge of congestion at high demand hot spots like busy ports, airports, sea canals and flight corridors, for good.

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