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By | June 1, 2013

      AsiaSat Signs Landmark Hosted Payload Deal

      AsiaSat and GeoMetWatch have announced a strategic partnership to host the first of six Sounding & Tracking Observatory for Regional Meteorology (STORMTM) instruments on board a new satellite planned for launch in 2016 and to be positioned at 122 degrees east. The hyperspectral data will enable meteorologists to provide better daily forecasts, predict severe weather and atmospheric instability more accurately, and improve location and storm tracking and analysis of the intensity of hurricanes and typhoons.

      ST ElectronicsSecures $63 Million Worth of Satcom Contracts in First Quarter

      Singapore Technologies Electronics’ satcom and sensor business secured contracts worth around $63 million in the first quarter this year. These contracts are for the supply of satcom systems

      to customers worldwide and the supply of products and network infrastructure including Agilis VSAT and Earth station equipment, iDirect satellite hubs and routers for e-Government, cellular backhaul and maritime VSAT solutions. Singapore Technologies Electronics is a subsidiary of ST Engineering.