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The Evolving Communications Landscape, Meeting Technology Needs

By | November 1, 2008

      The global satellite communications industry continues to perform well financially, as the demand for services shows no signs of easing up in the near future. But the shifting demand of end users is bringing about a transition in the broadcasting sector.

      The satellite sector has responded to market shifts before, such as the move to hybrid communications networks to meet the needs of business users. Now, the rise of the mobile consumer and the demand for control of when, where and how content is consumed is having a tremendous impact on equipment and service providers, and the suppliers are reacting to the new dynamics of the broadcast sector.

      Hardware and software providers and service companies are responding to these challenges at all levels of the content chain, continuing to expand the technology that allows broadcasters to deliver content to headends, homes, mobile systems or just about any device through any number of delivery pipelines.

      Even more significant for broadcast customers and the end user is that the satellite communications sector is matching its technological innovation with a realization of the need to bring these product and service enhancements in the most efficient, cost-effective way possible for all customers. With more distribution platforms than ever before for content, the competition to provide services and new technologies has never been more intense. With a content revolution taking place, it will be up to satellite companies to react to these more stringent demands by coming up with winning technologies and solutions that are compelling to broadcasters and service providers.

      Now that the broadcasting industry as a whole has made this shift, the revenues should begin coming in, and the cycle will repeat with the next vision that is turned into revenues. Both industry and consumers should benefit from this wave of innovation and new products and technologies.

      Annually, in our sponsored 13th issue of Via Satellite, we highlight some of the most advanced products and services being developed for the global satellite marketplace, demonstrating the advanced technology to both potential business partners and a diverse customer base. The companies highlighted in the following pages continue to provide cutting-edge technologies and remain focused on providing the tools that the satellite industry will need to compete and prosper in the 21st century communications market.

      Given the increases throughout the various sectors of the satellite industry, business is indeed picking up for many customers. Today, satellite equipment manufacturers and service providers are working with new momentum. The 2008 Strategic Planning And Resource Guide is a tool for satellite services buyers, investors and professionals to use throughout the year while making decisions that affect the future course of their business.

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