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By | July 2, 2007

      Raytheon Gains $145.4 Million Rolling Airframe Missile Contract

      The Navy gave Raytheon Co. [RTN] a $145.4 million contract for producing and improving its Rolling Airframe Missile program.

      Nearly $105.5 million will go to developing the Rolling Airframe Missile Block 2, a kinematic and sensor upgrade to the Rolling Airframe Missile Block 1.

      Rolling Airframe is a ship self-defense weapon. It is a supersonic, lightweight, quick-reaction, fire-and-forget missile.

      Boeing Wins Contract For Conventional-Warhead Ballistic Missile Prep Work

      The Air Force gave The Boeing Co. [BA] a contract to examine a concept of using a Minotaur missile with a conventional warhead that could take out targets anywhere on the planet in an hour of flight time.

      Under the almost $9 million contract to the Boeing Anaheim, Calif., operation, the Minotaur launch vehicle and a delivery vehicle would carry and dispense multiple BLU-108B/B sensor fused weapons. The idea is to do this at low cost, seeking “maximum use of existing system elements … intended to reduce the cost and development risk associated with a future acquisition,” according to the Pentagon.

      Solicitations began in April and negotiations were completed in May, with work to be completed by June 2009.

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