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Alcatel Awarded Globalstar Contract

By | April 10, 2006

      Globalstar has awarded Alcatel Alenia Space a study contract for the design of a new satellite constellation aiming at replacing Globalstar’s first generation satellites.
      In the frame of this study, Alcatel Alenia Space, which has started to analyze Globalstar’s requirements, will investigate to submit a new constellation architecture based on low-earth orbit (LEO) satellites with an extended life span.
      The current Globalstar LEO constellation provides telecommunication coverage to over 120 countries around the world. The satellites relative proximity enable voice and data signals to travel quickly, resulting in crisp, clear, reliable communications, without any voice delays.
      Alcatel Alenia Space participated in the design of the complete first generation system and was responsible for the supply of satellite payloads, structures, heat control elements and part of the gateways as well as satellite integration.

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