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Xtar-Eur Enters Full Commercial Service

By | April 11, 2005

      Xtar LLC announced that Xtar-Eur, the world’s first satellite developed for commercial X-band service, completed its in-orbit testing and is fully operational. Xtar-Eur, located at 29 degrees East, was built by Space Systems/Loral and was launched by Arianespace on Feb. 12. It provides X-band coverage from Eastern Brazil and the Atlantic Ocean, across all of Europe, Africa and from the Middle East to Singapore. The Spanish Defense Ministry, the satellite’s first customer, will soon begin operational service on the Xtar-Eur.

      “The in-service of Xtar-Eur marks a new era in satellite communications for government and military users around the world,” Xtar COO Denis Curtin said in a prepared statement. “The satellite’s coverage and transmission capabilities, confirmed during in-orbit testing, have intensified the U.S. and other allied governments’ desire to use the system, with planned demonstrations for the U.S. Army and Air Force scheduled in the coming weeks.”