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Philips Exec Makes Europe HD Prediction

By | November 2, 2004

      Giant consumer-electronics manufacturer Philips is urging a more proactive approach when it comes to High-Definition Television (HDTV) in Europe, and it warns that Europe is in danger of falling behind in this area.

      Frans van Houten, president of the consumer electronics division at Philips, told Satellite Today, “Philips has never made a secret of the fact that we are a strong proponent of HDTV in Europe. In fact, we believe there is a risk of Europe falling behind the United States and Asia, which would be a bad thing. That’s why Philips advocates strong, co-ordinated industry action with government support to drive HD forward so that we will be ready for HD by the World Cup (Football) in 2006 and the Olympic Games in 2008.”

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