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Eagle Broadband Rebrands Satellite System, Launches New Service

By | August 25, 2004

      Eagle Broadband Inc. [EAG] renamed its Orb Phone Exchange non-line-of-site satellite communications repeater system the “Satellite Media Access Extender (SatMAX),” and it is launching a suite of turnkey, application-specific SatMAX Solutions Bundles. Among the bundles are solutions for emergency and back-up communications, communications for fixed structures, disaster preparedness/first responder bundles, and special operations/forward-area bundles.

      Eagle’s SatMAX addresses what it says is one of the biggest drawbacks to certain low earth orbit (DOE) satellite-based communications, namely the need to be in line of sight with the satellite in order to communicate effectively. The bundles can be designed for use by three or 10 satellite communications users and, for some of the bundles, it promises to connect to the satellite rapidly.

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