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Croatian Broadcaster To Use GlobeCast Distribution in Americas, Australia

By | November 19, 2003

      GlobeCast, a Paris-based satellite service subsidiary of France Telecom, has signed an agreement with Croatian broadcaster HRT to use GlobeCast’s direct- to-home satellite platforms in North America (Telstar 5) and Australia (Optus B3), as well as on NSS 806 in Latin America, to distribute Croatian language programming.

      GlobeCast receives HRT’s feed at its Paris technical operations center and provides uplink to NSS 806 for broadcast to Latin America and turnaround to North America at its Miami gateway. GlobeCast then delivers HRT’s signal across its ATM fiber network to the company’s Los Angeles teleport for transmission onto Telstar 5, as well as turnaround to GlobeCast’s Sydney teleport on Intelsat 180 for distribution to the GlobeCast platform on Optus B3 in Australia and New Zealand.

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