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China, Thailand Sign Frequency Coordination Agreement

By | November 19, 2003

      China and Thailand have concluded a frequency coordination agreement settling all issues concerning International Telecommunication Union filings at 120 degrees East Longitude (Thailand) and 122 degrees East Longitude (China) orbital slots.

      Commenting on the agreement, Peter Jackson, CEO of Hong Kong-based Asia Satellite Telecommunications (AsiaSat), said that the agreement “protects AsiaSat’s clients in China and Australia from the signals at Ku-band generated by [Shin Satellite‘s] iPSTAR. AsiaSat’s Ku-band clients will be able to use 60 centimeter antennas for receive- only DTH type applications and 80 centimeter antennas for two-way communications applications. Protection criteria for C-band applications also were agreed upon and will ensure that clients of both companies do not suffer from adjacent network interference.”

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