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Kratos Wins Government Contract to Build Satellite Spectrum Monitoring System

By | February 28, 2020

Photo: Via Satellite

Kratos Defense & Security Solutions was awarded an $11.5 million contract from an unnamed government customer to build an advanced space radio monitoring system to help regulate and protect satellite spectrum, the company announced Feb. 28.

The system, according to Kratos, includes a fixed site and mobile unit to monitor satellite downlinks, and the scope of work will include Kratos antennas, a satellite monitoring and geolocation solution and an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) spectrum analysis solution.

Kratos will be responsible for the turnkey design, core satellite technology and associated hardware and software, installation and integration.

Kratos said it would deploy GeoMon, a specific application for frequency regulators to implement International Telecommunications Union (ITU) missions, as well as the Monics carrier monitoring, satID geolocation, Compass network monitor & control, and Skyminer ground system data analytics products integrated with the Kratos-designed antennas/RF system to provide an end-to-end management solution.