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Kymeta Launches Mobile Satellite Internet with Kalo

By | December 15, 2017
A Toyota RAV4 equipped with a Kymeta KyWay antenna. Photo: Kymeta.

A Toyota RAV4 equipped with a Kymeta KyWay antenna. Photo: Kymeta.

Kymeta and partner Intelsat announced that Kalo internet access is now available with broad initial geographic coverage. According to Kymeta, Kalo will make purchasing mobile satellite communications as easy to buy as a mobile phone plan.

Kalo internet services, powered by the IntelsatOne Flex network, deliver connectivity when paired with Kymeta’s flat-panel, electronically-steered satellite terminals as well as other satellite terminal solutions. Kymeta KyWay terminals and mTenna Antenna Subsystem Modules (ASMs) open new markets for the satellite industry and allow organizations that require high bandwidth mobile internet access to do business while on the move. According to Kymeta, Kalo targets sectors that have traditionally had difficulty accessing reliable, affordable internet in the past, such as connected cars, renewable energy, commercial fishing, rail, bus and more.

Kymeta stated that the service is ideal for companies that need to have consistent operating expense pricing for their global mobile and fixed internet services. Initial Kalo deployments include fixed environments like construction sites, on-the-pause environments such as Recreational Vehicles (RVs), and mobile environments such as trains and smaller maritime vessels.

“With Kalo, Kymeta delivers up to 4 Mbps mobile internet service in familiar by-the-gigabyte plans,” said Dushyant Sukhija, senior vice president and general manager of Kymeta’s Kalo business unit.