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Avanti, GRC Reach Ka-band Connectivity Agreement

By | September 3, 2015
      Artemis ESA Avanti

      Artist’s rendition of Avanti’s Artemis satellite, purchased from ESA in 2013. Photo: ESA

      [Via Satellite 09-03-2015] Avanti Communications has signed a multi-year contract with Global RadioData Communications (GRC), a developer and supplier of mission-critical communication products and solutions, for Ka-band satellite connectivity. Avanti will provide secure and resilient communications to a variety of government, defense, and emergency service customers.

      GRC, based in the U.K. and Dubai, offers products such as command and control, satellite, tracking, computing and intelligence systems. The company is now offering secure connectivity services to a number of its government and military customers across Avanti’s entire high throughput Hylas and Artemis satellite fleet, with services tailored to meet specific customer needs, from short notice rapid deployments, to longer-term enduring high speed links.