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MTN to Debut Dual Ku- and Ka-band Antenna with SkyTech

By | September 17, 2014
      Skytech Ka- and Ku-band Dual Antenna

      Skytech’s dual Ka-/Ku-band antenna. Photo: MTN

      [Via Satellite 09-17-2014] MTN Communications has announced a new Ku-/Ka-band solution in collaboration with Skytech designed for the yachting industry. The Skytech solution, which uses the Skytech BB75 antenna, is optimized through MTN Maestro communications management solution.

      The new product will provide a segue to MTN’s upcoming high throughput satellite (HTS) multi-spot beam Ku-band services (MTN HTMS) planned for 2015. The company intends to reveal the Skytech solution at the Monaco Yacht Show later this month.

      “This partnership with Skytech extends our platform with an antenna that can deliver Ku- and Ka-band service simultaneously — something the market has not yet experienced,” said Derik Wagner, managing director, MTN Yacht Business Unit.