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SatixFy Secures $20 million ASIC Chip Order

By Rachel Jewett | June 17, 2024

      Prime2 space-grade chips. Photo: Satixfy

      SatixFy Communications has secured a $20 million order for its Prime2 space-grade chips and software from an undisclosed customer. 

      The Prime2 space-grade chip is a digital beam-former application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC) which SatixFy says serves as a cornerstone for complex satellite communication systems. The chip is used in multi-beam Low-Earth Orbit (LEO) or Geostationary Orbit (GEO) antennas onboard satellites. 

      Under the terms of the order, SatixFy will supply the chips and software over the coming five quarters for the deal worth more than $20 million. This is a follow up order to an earlier $4 million order from September 2023.