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Ovzon Wins US DoD Deal for T7 Mobile Terminal

By Mark Holmes | February 12, 2024
The Ovzon new T7 terminal. Photo: Ovzon

The Ovzon new T7 terminal. Photo: Ovzon

Ovzon has landed a new deal for its T7 mobile satellite terminal. The company recieved a contract with the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD), which will represent the first delivery of this mobile satellite terminal. Ovzon announced the deal on Feb. 9.

The Ovzon T7 mobile satellite terminal is a small and light terminal. At 2.8 kg it can fit into a very small backpack and aims to facilitate fast, easy, and instant connection in all environments regardless of weather conditions. The Ovzon T7 is the first Ovzon mobile satellite terminal designed and produced for operation on the proprietary On-Board-Processor on the recently launched Ovzon 3 satellite. Ovzon said it is capable of taking full advantage of its resiliency features specifically designed for a contested environment.

Ovzon debuted the T7 terminal in July 2023.

“We are delighted to see the first sale of the Ovzon T7 mobile satellite terminal to the U.S. DoD, and we are excited to bring on line the ‘near peer’ capability the Ovzon T7 will deliver when operating on the Ovzon 3 satellite and the Ovzon On-Board-Processor. The Ovzon T7 is the perfect combination of performance, mobility and resiliency in an incredibly small package and will change the way critical missions are executed by elevating Ovzon’s Satcom-as-a-Service to new dimensions,” Ovzon CEO Per Norén said in a statement.