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CGI Federal Successfully Demos Microsoft Azure Satellite Backhaul for U.S. Marine Corps

By Jeffrey Hill | June 1, 2023

Microsoft wants Azure Space to be the preferred cloud computing platform for the space industry. Photo: Microsoft

CGI Federal confirmed Wednesday that it successfully completed pilot testing of Microsoft Azure Orbital Cloud Access satellite backhaul and Nokia Private 5G communications for the U.S. Marine Corps. The demo took place at the Marine Corps Platform Integration Center (MCPIC) at Blount Island Command (BIC).

The demo makes CGI Federal the first Microsoft global partner to deploy and demonstrate Azure Orbital Cloud Access. CGI Federal developed, deployed, and maintains MCPIC 2.0 systems for the Marine Corps, tracking military equipment and other assets. The company said the successful pilot creates the potential for enhanced mission effectiveness and real-time visibility in global operating environments using the USMC’s enterprise migration to Azure.

“CGI Federal continues to bring unparalleled mission-focused innovation to the MCPIC program,” U.S. Marine Corps Col. John S. Sattely, Commanding Officer at BIC said in a statement. “MCPIC has a considerable impact on our operational baseline, and these resilient communications capabilities offer significant potential improvements in logistics mission performance for Commanders in theater, and prove that MCPIC is already fit for the Department of Defense’s next generation of networks.”

“With billions of dollars in government property tracked across the Department, CGI Federal’s success in bringing best-of-breed capabilities for effective supply chain and logistics systems is a mission imperative. Strategic partners such as Microsoft and Nokia are key to our effort in delivering on these mission-oriented solutions,” added Horace Blackman, CGI Federal’s Senior Vice-President of Defense, Intelligence and Space.