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Orbital Micro Systems Opens New Office in UK Tech Campus

By Kendall Russell | June 28, 2017
      Harwell Campus near Oxford, UK. Photo: ESA.

      Harwell Campus near Oxford, UK. Photo: ESA.

      Orbital Micro Systems (OMS) announced the opening of its United Kingdom office at the Harwell Campus near Oxford, England. Home to the UK Space Agency and a growing number of innovative research and development firms, the Harwell Campus is a nexus of space technology in the United Kingdom.

      Through its Harwell office, OMS will actively engage with the cluster of dynamic aerospace companies in the region and help advance ongoing space- and satellite-related projects in the United Kingdom and European Union.

      OMS is known for its miniaturized radiometry packages for weather observation that address the size, power consumption, and calibration challenges facing space sensor operations. The Harwell-based team looks to leverage its relationships with other aerospace organizations through its participation in the Small Launch Vehicle Spaceport activity in Glasgow.

      OMS has said it is interested in building and launching its own satellites to collect weather data. Its first products will concentrate on awareness for the agricultural and transportation industries.