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Gilat Introduces New X-Band Antenna

By Caleb Henry | March 13, 2014
      StealthRay 300X-M

      StealthRay 300X-M Antenna. Photo: Gilat

      [Via Satellite 03-13-2014] Gilat Satellite Networks announced the availability of the new StealthRay 300X-M (SR 300X-M) ultra-compact, low-profile, military standard, X-band broadband antenna for real-time broadband satellite communications. The StealthRay 300X-M can be used for comms-on-the-move and comms-on-the-pause, and is a member of the StealthRay 300 family of products, which also includes low-profiles antennas for Ku- and Ka-band.

      The SR 300X-M antenna is designed to operate in rough environments and interoperate with different X-band satellite constellations, including the high-throughput Wideband Global Satcom constellation (WGS). Installation of the antenna requires virtually no technical expertise and integrates with Gilat’s MLT-1000 modem system along with other components. The new antenna also includes an enhanced and more accurate satellite tracking mechanism, providing short initial acquisition and instantaneous re-acquisition time.