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Orbcomm Releases Next-Generation Satellite Modems for OEM Integration

By Katie Kriz | March 6, 2014
      OG2 Modem Orbcomm satellite

      OG2 satellite modem. Photo: Orbcomm

      [Via Satellite 03-06-2014] Orbcomm has released its new next-generation OG2 satellite modems designed for Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) integration into satellite M2M applications. These modems are the first devices available to support OG2 services upon launch of Orbcomm’s upcoming OG2 satellite constellation this spring.

      Orbcomm is releasing two versions of this new modem: the OG2 M, with satellite communications, and the OG2 GPS, which adds an on-board three-axis accelerometer and built-in GPS. Both versions feature a single, wide-range power supply input and use a PCI Express physical interface for integration into a broad range of M2M applications.

      Orbcomm has also created a turnkey developer’s kit for the modems that is designed to reduce development time and expedite the deployment of the solutions in the field. The kits contain an OG2 satellite modem, a modem evaluation board, universal power supply, antennas, a USB to serial adapter, PC interface software to configure and control the modem, and a Quick Start Guide CD with full documentation.

      Quake Global, a partner of Orbcomm, has designed a full suite of devices that will enable M2M communications across Orbcomm’s OG1 and OG2 satellite networks.