Four Ways Satellite Communications Accelerate Disaster Response and Recovery Efforts

When fiber and cellular telecommunications networks are impacted or rendered completely unavailable by a natural or manmade disaster, establishing secure connectivity is a crucial first step in the overall response effort.

Emergency responders, government officials, and aid organizations are among the many groups that typically descend on a disaster site to begin providing support. As the first to arrive on the scene, they all require the presence of reliable connectivity as soon as possible to begin coordinating efforts and delivering relief. Relying exclusively on the locally available terrestrial network is not an option.

In disaster scenarios, satellite communications offer the resilience, and ubiquitous connectivity needed to accelerate the recovery process and ensure that response teams on the ground can do their jobs effectively and efficiently. Today’s high-throughput satellite solutions, like Intelsat FlexMove, offer Communications on the Move (COTM) and Communications on the Pause (COTP) connectivity via highly mobile and portable equipment that even a technical novice can quickly and easily deploy, no matter where in the world the need may be.