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Orbit Communications Signs Maritime Terminal Deal in Europe

By | April 2, 2021

OceanTRx4 Ku, Ka and X band multi band maritime satcom terminal (Photo by Orbit)

Maritime and airborne satellite terminal provider Orbit Communications Systems received a $3.1 million order from an unnamed European integrator to deliver its OceanTRx4 Mil satellite communications systems to naval military platforms. The company said that deliveries are scheduled to begin in 2022.

The OceanTRx 4 Mil terminal is designed to provide continuous satellite broadband connectivity to maritime end users. The “Mil” variant is based on Orbit’s OceanTRx4 platform but with added military features. It is compatible with 1.15-meter diameter antenna systems operating in Ku-, X-, and Ka-band frequencies including simultaneous operation of a variety frequencies for global operation.

OceanTRx is distributed by Comsat, which added Orbit’s Multi-Purpose Terminals (MPT) and OceanTRx hardware to its portfolio in September 2020.

“We are proud of the choice of this leading European defense integrator to acquire one of Orbit’s leading systems,” said Daniel Eshchar, CEO of Orbit. “The OceanTRx4 Mil platform  … supports both military and civilian bands allowing our customers to use dual frequency bands on a single military system. This order strengthens Orbit’s technological leadership in maritime satellite communications systems in general and advanced navies in particular.”