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Globalstar Deploys New ST100 Satellite Transmitter 

By Rachel Jewett | June 3, 2020

    Globalstar ST100 transmitter. Photo: Globalstar

    Globalstar, Inc., has introduced the ST100, a new, one-way satellite transmitter. Globalstar said in a Wednesday release that the ST100 is lightweight, low power and small with embedded antennas, a commercial Internet of Things (IoT) embedded solution. The transmitter is designed to provide low cost, reliable connectivity powered by the Globalstar Satellite Network Low-Earth Orbit (LEO) constellation, providing satcom integration capability to any Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) product.

    The ST100 follows Globalstar’s commercial IoT embedded solutions, STX3 and STINGR satellite transmitters. Globalstar said these embedded technologies are ideal for delivering remote sensing, tracking, and monitoring of field applications across industrial and remote operations, and don’t require any additional ground infrastructure for data exchange.

    “The Globalstar ST100 is highly versatile and provides global coverage through an all in one, small IoT board designed specifically for rapid development and easy integration,” said Chris Gray, vice president of Emerging Technologies at Globalstar. “Originally designed for ear tags on cattle, a small size with a lightweight design was key and created new opportunities to use the ST100 in many different industry markets and remote operations. A demo program with select partners across the globe has proven the ability to bring new products to market in a very short time period.”