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Seakr Builds RF Processors for Saturn Satellite Networks

By | July 16, 2019
Photo: SEAKR Engineering

Photo: SEAKR Engineering

Seakr Engineering is building digital Radio Frequency (RF) processors for Saturn Satellite Networks‘ small Geostationary Orbit (GEO) satellite known as “NationSat.”

Saturn focuses on building small geostationary satellites, and is building its first NationSat satellite using a 2.5 Kilowatt (kW) bus design. According to the release, Saturn’s new GEO satellites deliver affordable access to space communications for countries and national service operators where traditional satellites are too big and expensive.

Seakr’s SDR is compact in design, made of light-weight materials and affords Size, Weight, and Power (SWaP) best optimized for small satellites. The RF processor can be synchronized to scale higher system throughput, and enables NationSat satellites to carry the equivalent of 48 by 36 Megahertz (MHz) digitally configurable transponders. Seakr’s processor also supports payload management functions by interfacing with Telemetry, Tracking & Control (TT&C) systems, power, and clock to payload RF units (Low noise amplifiers, receivers, or converters). Seakr is also working with Saturn on an evolved digital RF processor to support High-Throughput Systems (HTS) with capacities up to 85 Gigabits Per SEcond (Gbps). Seakr has successfully passed Saturn’s Preliminary Design Review (PDR) and is on track to deliver its first processor in 2020.