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HISPASAT, hiSky Offer IoT and MSS in Mexico

By | April 30, 2019
Artist's rendition of Hispasat's Amazonas-5 satellite. Photo: Hispasat

Artist’s rendition of Hispasat’s Amazonas-5 satellite. Photo: Hispasat

HISPASAT completed the installation of a hub at its gateway in Ixtlahuaca del Rayón, Mexico, to manage the Smartellites, hiSky terminals that offer Mobile Satellite Services (MSS) and Internet of Things (IoT) solutions through the Amazonas 5 satellite Ka-band. Both companies signed an agreement in 2017 to jointly commercialize this solution in Spain, Portugal, Latin America and North Africa.

HiSky Smartellite includes a small, flat antenna based on phased-array technology to provide low-capacity MSS (Mobile Satellite Services) and IoT by using the Ka-band of HISPASAT satellites. According to the release, hiSky’s Network Management System (NMS) is capable of controlling thousands of terminals in the Amazonas 5 Ka-band footprint. Both companies made several demonstrations in Mexico City of the Smartellite MSS and IoT solutions to international telecom companies.

According to Ignacio Sanchis, HISPASAT CCO, “We are happy to announce this great milestone with hiSky and expand our portfolio in Latin America. This will be the first step of a further expansion in our Ka band coverage in the region. We are excited to begin to commercialize hiSky service and terminal capabilities. Also, the market is responding very well which reinforces our commitment to provide innovative solutions that take advantage of our modern and high performance satellite fleet.”