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New ThinkRF Spectrum Analyzer Covers 27 Ghz Frequency Range

By | September 26, 2018
ThinkRF's R5700 Real-Time Spectrum Analyzer. Photo: ThinkRF

ThinkRF’s R5700 Real-Time Spectrum Analyzer. Photo: ThinkRF

ThinkRF, a provider of software-defined spectrum analysis solutions, released the ThinkRF R5700 Real-Time Spectrum Analyzer with Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS). The ThinkRF R5700 analyzer covers the 27 Gigahertz frequency range.

To accompany the R5700 analyzer, ThinkRF also released the ThinkRF P120 Vehicular Power Conditioner. It is designed to provide regulated power to portable equipment while protecting from vehicular power transients. This allows spectrum analysis equipment, including all ThinkRF real-time spectrum analyzers, to be powered in standard vehicles via power outlets or directly from the vehicle battery.

When combined, the two products help to enable mobile spectrum analysis and drive testing capabilities for Radio Frequency (RF) engineers and monitoring program managers in government, aerospace and defense, and telecom. The ThinkRF R5700 analyzer and ThinkRF P120 conditioner will be available to order immediately.