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Aeromexico Chooses Viasat for IFC Services

By | September 24, 2018
An Aeromexico Boeing 737 plane. Photo: Tomás Del Coro (Flickr)

An Aeromexico Boeing 737 plane. Photo: Tomás Del Coro (Flickr)

Aeromexico will deploy Viasat‘s in-flight internet system across 18 new Boeing 737 MAX aircraft, with an option to extend up to 60 aircraft. First line-fit installations of Viasat’s equipment have already begun.

Aeromexico evaluated the Viasat in-flight internet service against competitor offerings and chose Viasat based on its scalable network platform. Aeromexico’s ability to tap into the ViaSat-2 satellite as well as Viasat’s future satellites helped to solidify the choice for the airline. of our clients to enjoy a high-quality internet experience in the air, and partnering with Viasat will accomplish that.”

“Our current service has been recognized by muliple third parties as the best in-flight internet service on the global market, offering high-performance and high-dependability,” said Viasat Vice President and General Manager, Commercial Aviation Don Buchman. “With ViaSat-2 and subsequently ViaSat-3, we will bring even greater speeds and reliability with built-in scale and flexibility to serve millions of passengers daily as they fly across multiple continents.”