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Iridium, Rolls-Royce Marine to Expand Autonomous Vessel Capabilities

By | August 30, 2018
Photo: Rolls-Royce Marine

Photo: Rolls-Royce Marine

Iridium Communications signed a letter of intent with smart shipping provider Rolls-Royce Marine (RRM), in support of their autonomous vessel development program. Through this arrangement, RRM and Iridium will work together to explore incorporating Iridium’s next-generation L-band satellite broadband service, Iridium Certus, into the RRM suite of ship intelligence solutions.

RRM’s solutions deliver multifaceted enhancements to ships, enabling remote diagnostics, operations, and performance monitoring capabilities. Among many offerings, these solutions provide remote access to onshore operators and control centers, delivering real-time connectivity and automation. By automating processes such as navigation, crew are able to focus on more valuable areas of vessel operations helping to streamline overall functionality.

Autonomous ships are being examined by the International Maritime Organization (IMO), where they are defining the regulatory environment and degrees of autonomy for maritime autonomous surface ships. The capabilities offered by Iridium Certus will help streamline management of vessel operations, whether for command and control, engine diagnostics, tracking information, and other onboard processes.