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Dejero, FileCatalyst Partner to Increase Field File Transfer Speeds

By | August 14, 2018
Diagram of how Dejero Gateway works. Photo: Dejero

Artist rendition of the Dejero Gateway. Photo: Dejero

Dejero, a cloud-managed solutions company providing video transport and internet connectivity, has partnered with FileCatalyst, a provider of accelerated file transfer solutions, to enable broadcasters to move large data quickly, securely, and reliably back to base while in the field. 

A combination of the Dejero GateWay mobile internet connectivity solution and FileCatalyst Direct would help enable remote reporting teams to access their station’s Media Asset Management (MAM) systems to create fully packaged reports and news clips faster.

FileCatalyst Direct allows broadcasters to send media content and digital assets globally at very high speed, ingest media from outside colleagues and production teams, and manage production, post-production, and editing locations. In addition, Dejero GateWay can offer FileCatalyst users the benefits of fast, reliable, and secure connectivity to the internet, private networks, and cloud services while in the field by blending cellular connections from multiple mobile network providers with other available wired and wireless Internet Protocol (IP) connections.