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Rock Seven’s Iridium Solution Selected for Australian VMS Plan

By | July 12, 2018
Rock Seven's RockFLEET device. Photo: Rock Seven

Rock Seven’s RockFLEET device. Photo: Rock Seven

RockFleet, a global tracking and messaging system manufactured by U.K.-based Iridium satellite communications specialist Rock Seven, has been selected as one of four approved devices in a mandated plan to install a Vessel Monitoring System (VMS) in all fishing boats in Queensland, Australia. The new mandated tracker plan for commercial fishing boats will enable Fisheries Queensland to monitor fishing quotas and compliance with area and seasonal closures, while also validating logbook data for fishing excursion time and location.

Under the plan’s terms, all commercial fishing and charter boats will require a vessel-tracking device to be fitted and operational by 2020. Three other systems using alternative satellite networks have been approved, making RockFleet the only Iridium-based solution for Queensland’s fishing vessels.