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Viasat to Bring High-Speed Connectivity to United Airlines

By | February 8, 2018
United Airlines' Boeing 737MAX. Photo: United Airlines.

United Airlines’ Boeing 737MAX. Photo: United Airlines.

Viasat announced a new contract with United Airlines to bring its latest generation In-Flight Entertainment and Connectivity (IFEC) system to more than 70 aircraft, including at least 58 of United’s new Boeing 737MAX aircraft.

Viasat will serve as the direct in-flight Internet Service Provider (ISP) to United, deploying its IFEC system to provide United customers access to internet connections from the air — from accessing their favorite websites to connecting with key business applications such as a corporate Virtual Private Network (VPN) and secure email. Viasat’s IFEC system will also power United’s Private Screening entertainment option, which offers customers access to hundreds of entertainment titles from its onboard library direct to their devices.

United will tap into Viasat’s Ka-band satellite system, which will include the ViaSat 1, ViaSat 2 and ViaSat 3 satellites. This capacity will allow United to deliver internet connections gate-to-gate and perform over-the-air content uploads to its onboard entertainment system.

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