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Kepler, Cobham SATCOM Form LEO Network Partnership

By Mark Holmes | November 13, 2019
Kipp, Kepler’s first Ku-band LEO satellite

An artistic view of Kipp, Kepler’s first Ku-band LEO satellite. Photo Credit: Kepler

Kepler and Cobham SATCOM have formed a strategic partnership for high-capacity satellite data service delivery, the two companies announced Nov. 13. The goal of the partnership is to eliminate barriers to widespread adoption of high capacity data services over Kepler’s Low Earth Orbit (LEO) network.

Under the new arrangement, organizations evaluating Kepler’s ability to cost-effectively move multiple gigabytes of data per day around the globe can experience a fully managed trial of the service anywhere on the planet with no upfront CAPEX spend, no lengthy service commitment, and certified installation & support executed through Cobham SATCOM’s global Technical Service Partner network.

Kepler’s Global Data Service (GDS), currently enabled by Kepler’s first two satellites in orbit, is a high-capacity data communication service. Covering every part of the globe, from pole to pole, GDS allows the movement of Gigabytes of data to and from the user’s location at economic rates. The store-and-forward nature of the solution makes it suitable for delay-tolerable data such as large multimedia files, high-resolution videos and imagery, and other bandwidth-intensive data within the maritime, oil & gas, tourism, and scientific communities.

“Our partnership with Cobham enables us to create precisely that experience where we can scalably execute demonstrations anywhere on the planet all for a manageable monthly OPEX fee that includes hardware, setup, support, and airtime,” said Jeffrey Osborne, Co-founder and VP of Business Development at Kepler.