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York Space Systems to Build LatConnect 60’s EO Constellation

By | June 10, 2020

LatConnect 60 plans to provide cost effective high resolution satellite imagery and RF signal intelligence data. Photo: LatConnect 60

York Space Systems is a subcontractor for LatConnect 60, and will manufacture its unique spacecraft platform for LatConnect 60’s small satellite constellation in development that will provide Earth Observation (EO) to the Australian government and commercial clients. York Space Systems also said in a Tuesday announcement that it will provide LatConnect 60 with full mission operations and deployment capabilities. 

LatConnect 60 plans for its initial constellation of three satellites to carry multiple payloads, with each satellite capable of both Radio Frequency (RF) signal intelligence and high resolution multispectral imaging. The first satellite is scheduled for launch in June 2021. LatConnect 60 is working to deliver Artificial Intelligence (AI) capabilities onboard its satellites, where each satellite is able to autonomously geolocate and process RF signals identified in order to trigger its imaging payload and any other secondary payloads to conduct data collection.

York Space Systems, which specializes in complete space segment customer solutions and manufacturing of standardized spacecraft platforms, said a key factor in gaining LatConnect 60’s business was its pricing and fast delivery of satellites.

“In addition to York’s fast delivery time which is well under nine months to orbit and at an attractive price point, we also found their design methodology, delivery and mission services plan to be well defined,” said LatConnect 60 CEO Venkat Pillay. “This partnership will enable us to provide a truly responsive space capability at affordable service levels to our clients in Australia and Asia Pacific.”