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York Space Systems Ships S-CLASS Spacecraft

By | March 29, 2019
Rendition of York Space System's S-Class Platform. Photo: York Space.

Rendition of York Space Systems’ S-Class Platform. Photo: York Space Systems

York Space Systems‘ S-CLASS spacecraft platform was shipped to the launch site for the company’s inaugural mission. The platform completed the Environmental Test Program to obtain official clearance for imminent takeoff on its groundbreaking launch. York Space Systems is an aerospace company specializing in complete space segment customer solutions and the manufacture of standardized spacecraft platforms.

The S-CLASS platform went through environmental testing prior to preparations for launch. Passing through Electromagnetic Self-Compatibility (EMC), Electromagnetic Interference (EMI), 3-Axis Random Vibration and Thermal Vacuum tests, the platform successfully completed the evaluation process. Once the S-CLASS arrives at the launch facility, the next step in preparation for launch is for the spacecraft to undergo integration into the launch vehicle’s payload fairing. While the S-CLASS is awaiting launch, York Space Systems is readying its Multi-Missions Operations Center in Denver for operation and monitoring of the spacecraft once launched.

“At York Space Systems, our entire focus has been to develop a platform that can not only drastically reduce time and improve access to space but also be a complete cost-effective solution for our customers,” said York Space Systems Chairman Charles Beames. “As a team, we’ve been working tirelessly and diligently to get this platform off the ground and are eager to see it launch into orbit once it makes its way to the launch site.”