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Rocket Lab Teams Up with RUAG Space

By | August 10, 2018
Rocket Lab Teams Up with RUAG Space

The RUAG team courtesy of RUAG Space

RUAG Space has signed a major new deal with emerging launch provider Rocket Lab, which will see it become Rocket Lab’s preferred supplier to provide a 15” microsatellite separation system for future missions of its Electron Small Launch Vehicles (SLV). The two companies announced the MOU yesterday.

These adapters connect satellites and rockets during the launch, and ensure a smooth separation in orbit. The new partnership was announced at the 2018 SmallSat Conference in Logan, Utah with representatives from both companies coming together to celebrate the agreement.

RUAG Space develops payload adapters and separation systems used on many institutional and commercial launch vehicles. With a 100 percent success rate to date, RUAG’s separation system will securely attach a Rocket Lab’s customer spacecraft to Electron during its journey to space and deliver it safely to orbit with precision.

“RUAG Space has an impressive record of mission success with their innovative separation systems. We look forward to working with them to streamline another aspect of launch for small satellites,” said Peter Beck, CEO of Rocket Lab.