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Mu Space To Launch New LEO Satellite

By | July 17, 2018
Photo: mu Space

Photo: mu Space

Mu Space plans to launch a new satellite into Low Earth Orbit (LEO) in a significant strategic move. The company will collaborate with SSL, a Maxar Technologies company and provider of satellites and spacecraft systems, to develop concepts for communications and Earth observation satellites.

SSL will help Mu Space with its plans to launch a satellite into LEO in the early 2020s. The satellite will be used for Earth observation applications, including remote sensing, but could also be used for agricultural observation, national security operations, and satellite-enabled broadband applications using phased-array antennas.

Mu Space aims to enable Internet of Things (IOT) solutions via its LEO satellite, according to Mu Space Chief Executive Officer James Yenbamroong. This is “made possible with LEO satellites’ lower launch costs, reduced power requirements, and a significantly reduced round-trip transmission delay.”