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Honeywell Releases New Magnetometer for Small Satellites

By Mark Holmes | October 1, 2021

Honeywell’s new small satellite Magnometer. (Photo by Honeywell)

Honeywell is aiming to make a big impact in the small satellite market with the release of a new 3-Axis system designed to measure the Earth’s magnetic forces.

Honeywell said its newest 3-Axis Space Magnetometer is now fully qualified  and will be rolled out to meet the needs of the emerging new space segment, where large numbers of small satellites operate in a lower orbit than larger, traditional satellites. The new magnetometer aims to offer critical capabilities and pricing designed for small satellites. It is mission-ready and entering service now. Honeywell’s 3-Axis Space Magnetometer weighs 315 grams (0.69 pounds) and is approximately the size of a cellular phone. It also provides increased radiation tolerance.

“Historically, satellite manufacturers and operators have either had to settle for low or no radiation tolerance to maintain a low price, or pay significantly more for a magnetometer that meets the high reliability and high radiation tolerance requirements of the traditional space market. With the qualification of our 3-Axis Magnetometer, we’re addressing the gap in this segment to help our customers meet their cost requirements without compromising performance,” Mark Covelli, senior director, Defense & Space, Honeywell Aerospace said in a statement.