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SatixFy and SWISSto12 to Collaborate on Digital Satellite Payloads

By | June 24, 2021

SatixFy and SWISSto12 to collaborate on digital satellite payloads.

SatixFy and SWISSto12 have formed a strategic collaboration for work on advanced satellite payloads. The companies said they each offer products that are complementary to advanced digital payloads, and are working together on multiple programs in this area. 

Digital payloads require on-board digital signal processing capabilities in order to deliver configurable, channelized, switchable and regenerative payloads capable of beam-hopping and beamforming processes. The companies plan to co-engineer end-to-end payloads and l integration, systems engineering and optimization approach for telecom missions. 

The Thursday announcement did not mention any specific projects, but SatixFy recently received a $35 million award to work on a beam-hopping satellite project for the United Kingdom in a project led by OneWeb. SatixFy has a software-defined, high bandwidth product portfolio in flexible digital payloads and beamforming technology, and SWISSto12 has active antenna technology that uses 3D printing capabilities for Radio Frequency (RF) applications. 

“This partnership with SatixFy will bring both our unique product capabilities together for the benefit of next generation advanced telecom satellite payloads. We look forward to our work with satellite integrators to provide these new payload products,” commented Dr. Emile de Rijk, CEO of SWISSto12.