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Kratos Says New Space Domain Awareness Service Improves Accuracy for GEO Spacecraft 

By | September 16, 2020

Photo: Shutterstock

Kratos Defense & Security Solutions will begin offering services to characterize spacecraft in Geosynchronous Orbit (GEO), for Space Domain Awareness (SDA). The company said in a Tuesday announcement that these services will provide highly accurate proximity operation data, real-time maneuver detection and accurate location data. 

These services are designed to identify and accurately locate spacecraft in GEO using SDA technique called Passive RF Ranging. Kratos said traditionally, the location data, or ephemeris, of a unique spacecraft at GEO is derived from data obtained through ground-based radars and optical telescopes. These resources have limitations and cannot provide precise measurements, and are unavailable during solar or weather exclusions, or are not geographically accessible. Kratos said its new service is not limited by these factors and can provide extremely accurate data, even if a spacecraft is less than one kilometer away. 

“The measurements produced by Kratos’ RF Passive Ranging service are valuable because they are highly accurate, allowing operators and users to know exactly where the satellites are and where they will be with respect to each other. Accurate data during proximity operations provides critical insight to operators for vehicle safety,” commented Fred Gaudlip, senior director of Space Domain Awareness Solutions, Kratos.