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LeoLabs Deploys Automated Satellite Collision Avoidance Platform

By | May 15, 2020

Collision Avoidance Visualization. Photo: LeoLabs

LeoLabs, Inc. has released LeoLabs Collision Avoidance, an automated collision avoidance platform for satellite operators. The product is powered by LeoLabs global network of radars and built on the LeoLabs SaaS data platform. LeoLabs said in a May 13 release that the cloud-based service offers a real-time stream of alerts and on-demand risk analyses to support collision monitoring.

The company, which offers Low-Earth Orbit (LEO) tracking and Space Situational Awareness (SSA) services, said this product is useful for space organizations to protect their operational safety against in-orbit collisions, especially as activity in LEO is expanding. LeoLabs said that Collision Avoidance reduces operator effort through automating and streamlining processes that previously required manual execution. 

“LeoLabs Collision Avoidance was architected from the start to address critical requirements for speed, responsiveness, flexibility, and transparency of information,” said Dan Ceperley, CEO and Co-Founder of LeoLabs. “Satellite operators now have access to the first service specifically designed for protecting commercial constellations as well as critical government satellites and designed to automate and modernize operations and planning.”