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Terran Orbital Tapped to Build GapSat-1

By | September 12, 2018

Terran Orbital engineer constructs a satellite platform. Photo: Tyvak.

British Virgin Islands-based GapSat has commissioned its first geosynchronous satellite, GapSat-1, from California-based manufacturer Terran Orbital, which will outfit the spacecraft with a multi-band system offering wide band solutions in C-, Ku-, Ka-, Q-, and V-bands, and an electric propulsion system . The spacecraft will be injected directly into the geosynchronous arc after its scheduled launch in the third quarter of 2020.

GapSat currently offers interim satellite solutions fulfilling the short to medium-term needs of satellite operators through provision of underutilized in orbit assets or development of new satellites for specialty missions.  Once launched, GapSat-1 will add Bring-Into-Use (BIU) services to the company’s portfolio GapSat CEO Gregg Daffner said that the use of the V/Q bands would help push the envelope of wideband services that can be offered via satellite.

“We have been working on developing our own satellites for several years and it is terrific to have finally found a credible partner to execute on a technical solution that meets our business objectives. Terran Orbital showed a unique business approach defining a highly flexible, reconfigurable satellite at a cost that closes our business case and will provide our customers with the tailored capacity they need.” Daffner said in a statement. “Less CAPEX intensive by nature, this new class of satellites offers unique opportunities to scale up capacity and explore new business models for established operators and new market entrants ensuring a faster allocation of the full capacity of the satellite.”