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Satellite Applications Catapult Expands IOD Program with Open Cosmos

By | June 18, 2018

QB01, the first satellite launched by Open Cosmos. Photo: Open Cosmos.

The Satellite Applications Catapult has contracted Open Cosmos to provide its space mission service to the In-Orbit Demonstration (IOD-6) program. Through this mission, the Satellite Applications Catapult is expanding its IOD program. In collaboration with Open Cosmos, the IOD-6 mission offers companies the opportunity to trial their service using a larger 6U CubeSat platform in a diverse range of orbit options. Successful candidates will be able to design, develop and launch their IOD-6 mission within 18 months.

Open Cosmos will be working with the successful candidate to integrate the payload and simulate the mission performance on the qbkit and qbapp payload qualification models. Once the payload is validated, Open Cosmos will integrate the payload in a 6U qbee multipurpose nanosatellite, performing full functional and environmental tests, procuring the launch and enabling the successful candidate to operate the payload in orbit through their qbapp mission control software.

The Satellite Applications Catapult will provide comprehensive mission, operations and business support to help the company accelerate to operational capability and initial service delivery. The IOD-6 mission is supported by a grant of 700,000 pounds from the UK Space Agency.