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ViaLight to Develop Laser Terminals for AWN IFC Network

By | August 23, 2017
      ViaLight's micro laser terminal. Photo: ViaLight Communications.

      ViaLight’s micro laser terminal. Photo: ViaLight Communications.

      ViaLight Communications has signed a design and manufacturing agreement with California-based Airborne Wireless Network (AWN), an important step toward integrating VLC’s series of airborne laser communication terminals into the Inifinitus Super Highway, a proposed fully-meshed airborne broadband system.

      According to ViaLight, laser is 100 percent secure from jamming as well as interception, and remains stealthy due to its narrow beam divergence. The proposed network system would use a combination of radio frequencies and lasers to transmit data for ultra-long-distance communications.

      AWN is developing an air-to-air broadband network to provide global coverage for Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and telecommunications companies. With ViaLight’s support, AWN will pursue a hybrid radio-laser-based system to maintain a seamless connection between nodes if dust or clouds obscure the laser links. The two companies aim to begin testing of the laser technology before the end of this year.