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Sky Perfect JSAT Awards Lockheed Martin Contract for JCSAT 17 Satellite

By | February 3, 2016
      A2100 Lockheed Martin

      Artist’s rendition of the modernized A2100. Photo: Lockheed Martin

      [Via Satellite 02-03-2016] Lockheed Martin has received a contract from Sky Perfect JSAT for the manufacture of JCSAT 17, a satellite based on the A2100 common design. JCSAT 17 is an S-band satellite that will operate well in excess of 15 years. The satellite will include a flexible processor that will allow Sky Perfect JSAT to redirect capacity to concentrate on disaster relief efforts or other high-volume events.

      Lockheed Martin has invested in modernizing the A2100 through an internally funded, multiyear effort, resulting in enhanced spacecraft power, propulsion and electronics, while also adopting the more advanced manufacturing techniques to decrease production costs and timelines. JCSAT 17 is the eighth satellite Sky Perfect JSAT has ordered from Lockheed Martin. Lockheed Martin will manufacture the satellite in Denver, Colo. and deliver it to JSAT in 2019.