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Betterview to Use Iceye Imagery to Respond to Floods 

By | November 21, 2022

Photo: Iceye

Insurtech company Betterview signed a deal to add Iceye’s satellite data into the third-party marketplace in its Property Intelligence & Risk Management Platform. Betterview helps insurers identify and manage property risk, and said this partnership will “dramatically expand” how insurers respond to events like floods.  

Iceye collects synthetic aperture radar (SAR) imagery which can see through dark and clouds. The company has agreements with a number of insurance companies for flood monitoring including Swiss Re and McKenzie Intelligence Service

Iceye said its imagery will be combined with Betterview’s computer vision detections and workflow management tools to respond in the aftermath of weather events. 

“By combining Iceye SAR imagery with additional insights on the Betterview platform – such as first-floor elevation – insurers can identify properties with flood damage well before a physical inspection team. Insurers can respond more rapidly to claims, better protecting homeowners, businesses, and communities in their hour of need,” Armin Monajemi, vice president of strategic partnerships at Betterview.