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Synspective to Distribute SAR Solutions in North America With Frontier Precision 

By | November 7, 2022
StriX-α, Synspective's first demonstration satellite. Photo: Synspective

StriX-α, Synspective’s first demonstration satellite. Photo: Synspective

Japanese synthetic aperture radar (SAR) company Synspective will now distribute its SAR solutions in North America, through a new distribution partnership with Frontier Precision

Frontier Precision, based in North Dakota, supports technology in surveying, mapping, construction, and other industries, and is one of the largest Trimble distributors. 

Under the partnership announced Monday, Frontier Precision will work closely with Synspective to bring its SAR data sets to North America. Synspective said this partnership will help the company reach key North American verticals including transportation, mining, and disaster recovery. 

“We felt strongly after looking at the product Synspective will be offering to go forward this was a great fit in our overall geospatial and unmanned portfolios – a complementary technology to everything else we offer to the geospatial community,” said Frontier Precision CEO Dennis Kemmesat.