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Celestia UK to Develop PNT Solution With LEO Networks for ESA

By | September 27, 2022
Malachy Devlin, CEO, Celestia UK.

Malachy Devlin, CEO, Celestia UK. Celestia UK

Celestia UK won a European Space Agency (ESA) contract to develop a PNT solution based on Low-Earth Orbit (LEO) satellite constellations for 5G networks and applications. The contract, worth 800,000 euros ($767,000) is part of NAVSIP, the Navigation, Innovation and Support Programme. 

The project is called LEO-SYN+ and will use LEO satellite signals of opportunity (SoOp) to provide a resilient position and time reference for 5G networks. Celestia UK’s solution is to combine the use of LEO satellite constellation signals with the development of a PNT receiver compatible with multi-GNSS constellations and LEO SoOps and test the solution in 5G networks.  

The project will involve a prototype to validate product design. Celestia UK is collaborating with Heriot-Watt University and the Scotland 5G Centre.

“Building on our expertise in high throughput electronic steerable gateways together with the evolution of 5G integrating non terrestrial networks together with the Scotland 5G Centre here on our doorstep, make us well-placed to meet the requirements of this challenging project and deliver a future-proofed solution with scope for considerable future commercial application,” said Malachy Devlin, CEO of Celestia UK.