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Spirent Releases SimIQ Software Enhancement for GNSS Systems

By | August 6, 2020

Rendition of the Galileo GNSS constellation. Photo: Galileo

Spirent Communications on Thursday released SimIQ, a new software to allow earlier and more efficient Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) testing during product development. SimIQ aims to help developers collaborate across the full design cycle through the creation, sharing, and replay of I/Q data files.

SimIQ was developed to test GNSS capabilities earlier. SimIQ reads and generates I/Q data with two major components: SimIQ Capture and SimIQ Replay. SimIQ Capture allows Spirent GNSS simulators to generate I/Q files containing the GNSS signal data required to test the algorithms, conformance, and performance of software receivers. SimIQ Replay also enables the simulator to read any I/Q file containing GNSS data.

“SimIQ Capture enables developers to test their receiver algorithms in the earliest stages of design in order to minimize their costs,” explained SimIq Product Manager Ricardo Verdeguer. “This provides designers with full assurance that they can move forward with confidence to the hardware design phase.”