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Scottish Space Company R3-IoT Makes ‘Krucial’ Move to Change its Name

By | August 18, 2022

Krucial IoT. Photo: Krucial

R3-IoT has changed its name to Krucial, the company announced Aug. 18. The company will be launching a flagship product – Krucial Connect, which aims to connect smart devices anywhere on Earth. Krucial Connect connects IoT devices, such as sensors, to automatically and securely transmit data from assets, infrastructure and buildings from the most remote sites. Automatic switching between satellite communications and cellular technology enables the seamless connection of enterprise systems to IoT devices, helping organizations to remotely manage risks, improve efficiencies and digitize operations across multiple sites and locations.

Krucial received seed funding of $4.3 million last year and has almost doubled headcount in the last 12 months. The company has undergone a full rebranding from R3-IoT including name, logo, and website. The change represents closer alignment to the company’s core offering, to provide critical access to data intelligence in any location or situation and digitize where and when others cannot.

“Although business may be global, infrastructure is still not. Digital transformation can unlock significant savings and improve sustainability, but that’s completely dependent on resilient, reliable connectivity. Our work will be critical in ensuring decision-makers have access to their data anytime, anywhere, and the launch of our new brand represents how important that is for businesses and organizations,” Allan Cannon, co-founder and CEO of Krucial, said in a statement.