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Inmarsat, CPN, MiniFarm Simplify LoRaWAN Satellite Connections

By | August 25, 2020

IoT. Photo: Via Satellite

Inmarsat is working with CPN Satellite Services and MinFarm Tech to simplify connecting Low Power Wide Area (LoRa) networks to satellite. The companies are launching the MF 400 IoT Satellite Bridge incorporating Inmarsat’s IsatData Pro (IDP) service. 

According to a Tuesday release, the solution enables data from Internet of Things (IoT) sensors operating on LoRaWAN networks to be optimized for transmission over Inmarsat’s IDP service, which Inmarsat said will enable additional connectivity to IoT devices in remote locations. Powered by a single 80 W solar panel and with battery backup capacity of two to three days, the MF 400 IoT Satellite Bridge uses protocol optimization to forward sensor payload traffic over the high-latency, non-IP packet data satellite services of the Inmarsat IDP. 

“IoT is already proving to be hugely influential in enabling effective remote operations across many different sectors, and we are continually focused on innovation with the objective of making our services even  better. Backhauling LoRaWAN network data over satellite utilizing the MF 400 IoT Satellite Bridge is a major step forward in this regard,” commented Inmarsat President of IoT, Enterprise, Tara Maclachlan.